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With our consulting services and solutions, you're not only able to maintain your competitiveness, but also to make a valuable contribution to environmental protection by ensuring a climate-friendly and sustainable production.





As process engineers, we appreciate the challenge, and as family fathers, we feel responsible for driving the energy transition. Both are our motivation. How can we contribute?

We do what we do best and have been doing together for decades:

creating really good combustion.

Whether fuels are in gas, liquid, or dust form doesn't matter. Our goal is to develop the most efficient solution with the lowest CO2 footprint and to support it until implementation. We advise on making combustion processes cleaner, more efficient, flexible, and robust. We do so fairly, reliably, and measurably.

We are Sven, Philipp, and Ronald. We are Ombustion. Taking the C out.

Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Schönberger

Dipl.-Ing. Sven Gose

Dr.-Ing. Ronald Wilhelm

  • Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Schönberger
  • Dipl.-Ing. Sven Gose
  • Dr.-Ing. Ronald Wilhelm



Capture the energy requirements of your business and optimize the choice of fuel for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

  • Analysis of the current combustion systems, recording of the performance curves and acceptance behavior
  • Recording of a future acceptance profile with your experts and derivation of the future demand for thermal energy
  • Analysis of available fuels and usage possibilities along your process.


Efficient and Zero Emissions: Expert advice for transitioning to alternative fuels and optimizing combustion processes.

  • Development of strategies for decarbonizing combustion processes.
  • Consultation on the conversion of firing systems to hydrogen and other alternative fuels.
  • Optimization and efficiency improvement of your existing systems.
  • Development of a total cost of ownership model as support for your investment decision.
  • Optimization and efficiency improvement of complex combustion processes.


The Consulting and Engineering (OMBUSTION) department of Bremen-based SAACKE GmbH was commissioned to investigate the combustion-related effects of this changeover in the form of a simulation as part of a planned fuel changeover on a water tube boiler.

Once the order had been placed and the previously agreed as-built documentation had been submitted, work on the project began immediately. The project was always carried out in close coordination with the client, but largely independently and under the responsibility of the project management.

As a customer, we always felt very well informed and were very satisfied with both the project process and the presentation of the results and can recommend SAACKE (OMBUSTION) as a contractor without reservation.

Stefan Franke
Power plant technology


In addition to the long-standing use of hydrogen as an energy source in intralogistics, the aim at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig is to use green hydrogen in future as a substitute for fossil natural gas in the process heat of the paint shop.

Saacke (OMBUSTION) took up this challenge with great enthusiasm and developed fuel-flexible methane/hydrogen burners that can be easily integrated into the existing structure.

This technology makes it possible to fulfil emission requirements in the medium term and at the same time be ready for a future with hydrogen as an energy source.

It is a great pleasure to work in partnership with the engineers at Saacke as a driver of innovation.

Dr. Stefan Fenchel
Sustainability manager BMW Group Leipzig

After a joint project, you are familiar with the levers for an efficient and possibly CO2-neutral production, can calculate your future operating costs and know the investment and time requirements for your future-proof energy generation.

At a minimum, we have optimized your existing system and provided you with valuable hints for more efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

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